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Montys Madness is a comical game, inspired by the notorious Montague Street Bridge. Game play revolves around the bridge where your main focus as the player is to cause as much destruction and chaos as possible to the vehicles that pass under the low bridge in order to increase your overall dangerous reputation. Place down traps to push, flip and launch vehicles into or over the bridge.

Place down powerful trap devices to launch vehicles into orbit with the drone magnet and UFO abduction beam. With the destruction of each vehicle, earn points and achieve the highest score without allowing your fame (as the bridge) to decrease to a standard where the Montague Street Bridge is no longer notorious and is considered "safe" by the public.

This is a student project made at SAE Melbourne.


Project Lead - Matthew Malin

Tech Lead & Programmer - Jordan Miles

Art & Design - Hope Hill, Izzak Jobling, Johnny Kuzmanovski

Animation - Alex Seddon

Install instructions

Download and extract files to desktop.

Run the executable file.



Montys Madness Beta.zip 30 MB

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